5 Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

You’re sitting in traffic or driving along normally when you hear something from your car that you’ve never heard before. All cars make noises at some point, from clicks and ticks to knocks and pings. You’ll quickly learn the intricacies of your vehicle, but now and then, a noise will catch your attention.

Take your car to the mechanic as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary to address the problem before it worsens. Strange engine noises can signal anything from simple repairs to complete overhauls.

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Warning Signs

Is your car making a different noise than you’re used to? Is there a sound you’ve been hearing, but have yet to really pay attention to? Listening to your car is crucial because its sounds can indicate when something is wrong.

  1. Engine Hissing or Chirping

Hissing noises from your engine may indicate that it is overheating or that the exhaust system or catalytic converter is clogged. A hiss could also indicate a leaking vacuum. Engine fluids leaking into hot exhaust parts can also cause noises. This can damage your engine and create dangerous fire hazards.

Chirping sounds indicate that the engine’s timing or serpentine belt has become loose or damaged. Some belts in automobiles can be adjusted, while others must be replaced. If these engine problems are not addressed, they will worsen, endanger your safety, and inevitably cost more to repair.

  1. Pinging or Knocking

A knocking or pinging noise could result from an ignition problem, which happens when fuel ignites inside the cylinder. Ignition can damage a fuel filter, fuel injector, distributor cap, and spark plug. Before attempting a DIY repair, take your vehicle to a mechanic for a tune-up and troubleshooting to identify the problem quickly.

  1. Whirring or Whining

Worn-out universal joints, lubricated parts, or a faulty torque converter are all causes of engine whirring when your car accelerates. Your car’s engine has several rotating belts, gaskets, hoses, and wires.

These belts can stretch or crack over time as they circulate at high speeds around a system of pulleys, contributing to the whirring sound. It is critical to investigate this noise because replacing worn-out parts can prevent serious problems from occurring.

  1. Transmission Grinding

In the case of a transmission problem, the make of the vehicle will determine the sound you hear. When you engage the clutch and shift, manual transmissions may grind. Automatic transmissions will produce jerking and shaking rather than grinding noise when shifting.

Take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic regardless of the type of sound or sensation you are experiencing. Your shift linkage or clutch may need to be adjusted.

  1. Rattling, Sputtering, Or Rumbling

It may not actually be from the engine when you hear rattling noises near your engine. That sputtering sound and loud rumbles could indicate a hole in your exhaust system. A simple solution, such as attaching a new muffler, replacing corroded pipe sections, or tightening and reattaching loose pipes, will solve the problem.

Hearing rattling noises while idling at a stop light indicates that your engine is having problems. When the catalytic converter fails, it emits this sound. Normally, the only option is to replace the catalytic converter.


What could be the reason?

  • Oil Level Is Low

Check your engine oil levels if you hear a grinding or a loud rubbing. While most newer cars have engine oil level monitors, older vehicles may not have one, or the sensor may need to be fixed. If you hear grinding sounds, always check the engine oil level.

Remember that your engine requires an adequate oil level to stay lubricated and run properly. The engine can suffer significant damage if the oil level is too low. Add some oil, and take your car to a mechanic for a check-up if you suspect a leak.

  • Bearing Failure

Is the sound coming from your engine reminiscent of an off-center washing machine or a dryer with shoes inside? You’re probably dealing with faulty engine bearings if you hear a constant knocking under the hood. The bearings support the engine’s moving parts.

When you drive the car for an extended period or distance, these bearings can wear out and begin to cause under-the-hood knocking. This is a major issue that should be addressed right away because it can cause your engine to seize up completely.

  • Damaged or Failing Muffler

Sometimes the loud engine sounds you hear aren’t caused by a problem with the engine. Instead, it could be the result of a faulty or damaged muffler. If your car seems to be running louder than usual, but there are no other strange sounds, it could be due to a damaged muffler.

This is especially true if you’ve noticed more fumes than usual or a decrease in gas mileage. While this problem does not require immediate attention, you should take it to a technician as soon as possible. This will improve both your driving experience and your gas mileage.


Don’t Ignore Warning Sounds

Some of us are too familiar with turning up the radio to drown out suspicious engine noises. Isn’t it true that it’s not there if you can’t hear it? Wrong! Suspicious engine noises should never be ignored; they will not disappear. If anything, they should be investigated right away.

Noise can inform you about what’s wrong with your car and what parts need to be replaced. Never ignore a noise made by your car, no matter how minor or insignificant it appears to be; it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Unusual sounds from your engine could indicate something is wrong with your vehicle. Schedule regular maintenance and repairs to keep your car in good condition for as long as possible.

If you are a Car Credit customer with a warranty, you can always bring your vehicle to our Maintenance Department to ensure that you are doing everything to keep your car in safe operating condition.

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