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Ailec has recently begun her journey with Car Credit, but is excited for what she will learn and how she will grow with the company! She relocated to Tampa just 1 month ago from Cuba, but also lived in Australia for 4 years when she was younger. Due to her frequent trips from Australia to Cuba to visit family in her childhood, she has experienced a variety of places and people around the world. However, she has a strong desire to see and explore Venice as a new experience! Not currently in a situation to have pets, Ailec has her heart set on a specific dog when she is able, with a name already picked out: a black French bulldog named Chimuelo! Ailec is always seeking to improve herself and follows self-improvement content, including gym and training advice, and enjoys swimming as a pastime. 

With a sales background at a logistics company, Ailec believs she is a great fit for vehicle sales at Car Credit. She wants to learn more about the auto industry, including how the financing process works and broadening her knowledge of vehicles. With a diverse background experiencing different places and people, her abilities are put to particular use with Car Credit’s focus on community and people. 

Car Credit and its team have a unique understanding of the communities within which its dealerships are located, and they believe that cultivating a connection with these communities is the key to serving everyone who walks through its doors. Visit Ailec and Car Credit Northwest Tampa (Habana) to find the best vehicle and service catered to you!


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