The Best Starter Family Vehicles for a Tight Budget

When you’re just starting out in life, being able to afford the larger purchases a family needs can be difficult. Most families with just one or two small children are on a really tight budget. You need reliable transportation, but you also have to make sure you can feed and clothe your family. 


At Car Credit Tampa, we understand that most of our customers are in the same boat. That’s why we offer budget-friendly options that fit your family’s budget while still giving you a reliable vehicle. Here are a few of the models we often have available.

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra has a lot of great features for starter families. They have a lot of safety features, which is great for keeping your kids safer on the roads. Like sedans, this hybrid seats five, but it does so much more comfortably, with more leg room and the ability to space up to three children in the back seat — and you still get cargo space to boot.

Jeep Compass Sport

This is a hybrid like no other. You would expect any Jeep model to be good for off-roading to a certain extent; and even though the Compass is a great family vehicle, it does have that ability. You’ll get plenty of cargo space and enough spacious seating for up to three children. A manual model is even more budget friendly. 

Chevrolet Sonic

The Sonic wasn’t one of Chevrolet’s popular models, but it is a good family starter car. The Sonic has the same safety features of similar Chevy sedans. But it has a few less optional features, and it doesn’t have as much space in the back. It does work well if you have one or two children in carseats or up to three younger children.


Not sure what vehicle will be best for your family, or what you can afford? We are here to help! We offer bad credit used car financing. Come visit Car Credit Tampa for a complete viewing of our inventory.

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