Car Credit’s Vehicle Spotlight: The Ford F-250 Super Duty

Car Credit offers a wide range of high quality vehicles at affordable prices, even to people with no or low credit.  We want to tell you all the great options we’ve got ready, so once a month Car Credit will be taking a deep dive into the specs, details, and perks being offered on one of our favorite vehicles.  This month the lucky contender to be examined is the Ford F-250 Super Duty.  If  you’re in the market for something strong and reliable with more than a few surprises up its sleeve, then it’s time to buckle up.



Though Car Credit offers a wide variety of quality used vehicles, few are as ready to handle whatever life might throw your way as the Ford F-250 Super Duty.  With a four door crew cab, and a nearly seven foot long bed, the Super Duty has more than enough space to haul anything you need.  Whether shuttling crew and equipment to and from your work site, or bringing your squad to the beach with every bike, board, umbrella, and beach chair their hearts desire, the Super Duty can handle everything you’ve got with room to spare.  But this truck is packing far more than a huge hauling capacity and a comfortable interior, so without further ado let’s dive into the nitty gritty.


What’s Under The Hood

The Super Duty’s engine packs a serious punch with 385 horsepower, over 400 cubic feet of torque, and more than twelve thousand pounds of towing capacity.


As we said, a spacious cabin and vast bed space aren’t the only cards the Super Duty is bringing to the table. This Ford F-250 comes with a 6.2 Liter, 2-valve, Single overhead Camshaft, Electronic fuel Injection, V8 engine. This engine packs a serious punch with 385 horsepower, over 400 cubic feet of torque, and more than twelve thousand pounds of towing capacity. To complement its immense towing capacity, this truck also comes equipped with a rear wheel drive train.

There is a common misconception that four wheel drive is a better option for towing than a rear- wheel drive train, but this is simply not the case.  Four wheel drive systems not only add more weight to a vehicle, but they actually lower the towing capacity of an engine. If, for instance, you were towing something heavy uphill, the last thing you would want is more weight pressing on the front of the vehicle.  In fact, rear-wheel drive vehicles are actually the best towing option available for two important reasons.  First, because the front wheels can have optimal steering control without most of the vehicle’s weight bearing down on them.  And second, because when the weight of your trailer is added to the tow hitch, the back of the vehicle lowers, which gives the rear wheels even better traction and more stable control.


Towing Capacities of Different Engine Models:


The Future of Fuel

Flex Fuel engines let you fill your tank with the cheapest, yet highest quality, fuel on the market.


In addition to providing superior power, the F-250’s V8 engine is also a flex fuel engine.  While most V8 gas engines require you to use expensive premium gas options at the pump, flex fuel engines can take any form of unleaded gas, including one of the hottest new alternative fuel options today, E85 gas.  E85 gas is gasoline that has an over 80 percent ethanol content.  This means that E85 fuel is often significantly cheaper than other options at the pump.  With the prices of oil and gas soaring to dizzying new heights every day, the benefits of cheaper fuel alternatives cannot be understated.  The benefits of E-85 fuel hardly stop there though.  Not only can this fuel be a much cheaper option as gas prices continue to skyrocket, but it can also help reduce your carbon footprint because it is derived from plant matter instead of fossil fuels and it burns much cleaner than regular gasoline.  It burns so clean that amazingly, using E85 fuel can actually add to the longevity of your engine.  Flex Fuel technology finally allows you to do your part to help our planet, without asking you to give up your truck.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that E-85 gas burns  much cleaner than regular gasoline.  This helps reduce the build of corrosive byproducts in your engine’s lines and machinery.  Another reason why E85 fuel adds a larger lifespan to your engine is due to the cooling effects of using the fuel. E85 fuel not only burns cooler than regular gasoline, it also requires lower combustion temperatures overall.  Better still, E85 fuel also cleans your engine’s fuel lines and fuel injectors as it passes through them. All of these benefits mean that using E85 fuel with a flex fuel engine will translate to a longer vehicle lifespan and lower maintenance costs.


Manual or Automatic…Why Not Both?

With the intense debate of manual vs automatic transmissions still raging in the car world, Ford’s F-250 TorqShift gives you the best of both worlds.



Of course an engine’s power and efficiency is only as good as its transmission, which is why this engine comes with Ford’s innovative 6-speed TorqShift transmission. The torqshift transmission is so innovative because it allows the driver to choose between operating in manual or automatic shifting modes.  With the intense debate of manual vs automatic transmissions still raging in the car world, Ford’s F-250 TorqShift gives you the best of both worlds. In addition to this game changing development, the Ford Torqshift transmission is also simply more efficient at transferring power to the wheels than most other options on the market.  That’s not even to mention the benefit of being able to keep your beloved manual transmission without having to live in fear of the day some less experienced drivers in your family get behind the wheel.

Additionally, Ford’s reputation for durability extends to all parts of this vehicle. The engine and transmission system have been tested and rated to work at temperatures as low as negative forty, and up to the limits of combustion engine design, about as high as one hundred eighty degrees fahrenheit.  Not that you’ll have to worry about any of it for the first two years of your ownership at least, thanks to Car Credit’s two year free maintenance agreement.  As the name suggests, this agreement covers all of your maintenance bases for the first two years you own your new truck, including everything from oil changes and regular belt inspections, to brake pad and spark plug replacements, and even engine tune ups.

In the current era of supply chain issues and soaring inflation costs, programs like Car Credit’s limited maintenance agreement are only going to become more valuable in time.  As has been the case in countless other industries already, the direct effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on supply and worker shortages have combined with the indirect effects of a huge surge in demand to bring the automotive repair industry to its knees.  Surveys of the automotive repair industry show that due to these shortages, consumers have nearly universally been forced to wait longer and pay more for the same routine services they had done before Covid.  Even more frighteningly, some more specialized services have become nearly impossible to complete at all as repair shops remain caught in limbo, forever waiting for niche parts to be delivered.  All of these factors have combined to make the goal of keeping your vehicle running an increasingly impossible challenge to accomplish without help.  Fortunately, that’s where taking advantage of options like Car Credit’s extended warranty agreement can help you flip the script.  Two years of guaranteed maintenance work combined with the engine sustaining miracles of E85 gas, means that your Super Duty will be able to survive any shortage and overcome the worst effects of any economic blues.


The Truck That Does It All

At the end of the day, the F-250 Super Duty has what it takes to be the workhorse for you, no matter how hard you work or play.


These days we are all increasingly learning that we must expect the unexpected.  While you may not be able to predict the next supply chain, or gasoline shortage, you can be sure that you’re going to need a vehicle that’s got enough size and power to do whatever you need, and a vehicle that’s reliable enough to keep going no matter what comes next.

At the end of the day, the F-250 Super Duty has what it takes to be everything you’ve needed.  With its powerful engine, superior drive train, and finely engineered transmission, the F-250 Super Duty is simply the workhorse for you, no matter how hard you work or play.  Its innovative TorqShift transmission only increases the possibilities further while settling the debate between manual and automatic transmissions once and for all.

Furthermore, the Super Duty’s revolutionary flex fuel technology can help save you from the tyranny of the pump while burning cleaner to help the environment, and extending the overall lifetime of your engine at the same time.  That engine longevity, combined with Car Credit’s generous maintenance agreement means that your Super Duty will remain one of the most reliable vehicles on the road for years to come.  In this age of supply chain issues and soaring maintenance costs, that is a benefit that will only become more valuable with time.

So if you’re looking for a vehicle that can take whatever you throw at it and keep coming, time after time.  If you’re looking for a vehicle that gives you complete control over all the options, or a vehicle that flawlessly combines cutting edge innovation with tried and true techniques that have been refined for decades, then an F-250 Super Duty from Car Credit might very well be the truck for you.


Article credit: Garrison Rose


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