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Car of the Week

Lexus SC 430

With more than 500 cars in our lot, our customers have plenty of options to choose from. Sometimes this task can be challenging and we need to take into consideration what’s best for our family.

The leather, power-adjustable, heated, two-position-memory front seats are comfortable and stylish. Plus, the V8 motor provides a strong performance (288 horse power). Most important, everything fits so beautifully together.

“The 2006 Lexus SC 430 counters with a serene top-down experience for a price considerably less than the competition.” – Edmunds.com

Car of the Week
Car of the Week

You must be thinking: Ok, beautiful design, powerful performance, but what about fuel economy, space and safety?

You’ll be happy to hear that the Lexus 430 is very efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. On average, the SC 430 consumes up to 17/23 city/highway. Compared with its competitors, that’s a very good average.

→ Other important thing to note is, besides being very compact, the legroom space is bigger than its competitors, adding a bit more comfort.

We at Car Credit are always concerned about you and your family safety. You’ll be very happy to hear that the SC 430 is a very safe car. Its Driver-Assistance technologies add an additional level of protection.

What makes it so safe? It comes equipped anti-lock brakes (ABS), airbags (front, side and overhead) and a stability control, which makes driving easy.

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