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From Cuba, Carlos has been in the United States for 2 years. His favorite pastime is soccer and enjoys playing as well as watching, particularly when Barcelona is playing, his favorite team. The home of his favorite soccer team, he’d love to travel to Spain one day.

Working with Car Credit for 3 months now, he enjoys selling cars, being personable, and relating to customers. With a personality to fill the room, he loves talking to customers, naturally familiarizing himself with their unique situations and helping them in their own, personalized way. He remembers his first car sold and that he was able to work closely with that particular customer to find the car most suited to them. Very pleased with being able to help, Carlos took pride in the accomplishment and that he could satisfy this member of his community appropriately and make a difference in their life with a vehicle.

Carlos and Car Credit believe a car is not a luxury but a necessity, and they work with every customer’s unique situation and needs to obtain one. With a unique understanding of the communities within which its dealerships are located, Carlos and his team believe that cultivating a connection with these communities is the key to serving everyone who walks through its doors. Visit Carlos and Car Credit East Tampa to find the best vehicle and service catered to you! 

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