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A walk around one of Car Credit’s dealerships will reveal a lot about the state of the auto industry in the United States. You need look no further than Ford, an auto industry giant once known for sedans such as the Taurus and Crown Victoria, as a great example of a company that has switched focus to SUVs and trucks.

This means more emphasis on models such as the Explorer and Escape, as well as the return of the Bronco (will it be available in OJ Simpson White?). Oh, and the Ford Edge received some profound love from Ford for 2019—it has been completely redesigned with the assistance of the Ford Performance Team.


Reasons to buy yourself a Ford Edge.

What makes Ford Edge one of the best SUVs out there? Let’s explore.

  1. Beautiful Outside

The exterior redesign of the Edge boasts a new wheel design with 18-inch alloy wheels, 19-inch alloy wheels for the SEL trim, and 20-inch gloss black alloy wheels for the ST. Two new greys have been added to the paint palette, and a rear parking sensor is now standard.

All models will have acoustic-coated glass on the front side windows to reduce noise. Many features are added when you upgrade from the SE to the SEL, including LED fog lights, heated exterior mirrors, body-tinted mirror covers, chrome exterior trim, and roof rails.

  1. Smart Regenerative Charging is available.

Most people are aware that the alternator recharges the battery while driving. Ford has devised a clever method for charging your battery even faster. And more efficiently!

Smart regenerative charging converts unused brake energy into usable energy. This energy can then be used to charge the battery.

  1. Excellent Entertainment Options

A 12-speaker sound system designed by the legendary Bang & Olufsen company is now available for the Edge. This exclusive audio system creates rich acoustics while playing SiriusXM 360L Satellite Radio songs.

A rear entertainment system with dual-headrest monitors and a DVD player is another option for this midsize Ford crossover SUV. Additional options for connecting personal entertainment devices inside the cabin include an audio jack, Bluetooth audio streaming, and multiple USB ports.

  1. Interior Amenities That Are Comfortable

The Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) of this Ford crossover SUV is divided into two zones and keeps the car interior at a comfortable temperature. Optional heated and cooled front seats with leather trim provide exceptional comfort in any season.

The 10-way, power-controlled driver’s seat now has a reclining function, which improves ergonomics. The 60-40 rear seats, which also recline, can be folded thanks to the patented EasyFold technology. The rear seats in this two-row Ford model can be heated.

  1. Innovative Active Safety Technology

The trademark Ford Co-Pilot360 technology adds extra assurance when driving the Edge on city streets and major highways. This patented suite includes several accident-prevention features, including Automatic Emergency Braking and Adaptive Cruise Control.

In some cases, the Evasive Steering System may prevent a collision with another vehicle. This two-row Ford also has Enhanced Active Park Assist 2.0, which assists with steering and braking in tight parking spaces. The standard Rear View Camera, linked to the SYNC infotainment monitor, provides valuable visual references for parking and backing up.

  1. Adaptive steering improves driving comfort.

Drivers have begun to steer away from cars that have heavy steering at low speeds! Ford has addressed this issue with adaptive steering in the Edge. That means turning the steering wheel will be as light as a feather, regardless of your speed.

Another advantage is that fewer turns are required at low speeds, such as backing into a parking space. Features that improve safety are always smart options.

  1. Utility services for Families

An AC power outlet with a rating of 110 volts and 150 watts is available inside newer Ford Edge models. A wireless charging pad in the center console eliminates excess cables and wires from the dashboard.

The signature Cargo Management System is available on this premium Ford crossover SUV for easy organization before commutes and road trips. Bright LED lights illuminate various corners of this two-row vehicle’s spacious cargo area. Other valuable features inside this midsize crossover SUV include eight cup holders and a lockable glove compartment.


Ford Edge is Always Adapting

Starting in 2022, all-wheel drive is standard on all Ford Edge models. Ford also broadens the availability of a few appearance packages across the lineup.

The following are the most crucial changes to the Ford Edge in recent years:

  • Now, all-wheel drive will be standard.
  • In 2021, a 12-inch touch-screen infotainment system became standard; the Edge ST received a new seven-speed transmission, and the ST-Line trim was introduced.
  • 2020: the standard features list included an 8-inch touchscreen and dual-zone automatic climate control.
  • 2019: new interior and exterior styling, standard Co-Pilot 360 pre-collision features, naturally aspirated V6 engine discontinued, and Edge ST replaced Sport trim.


The Market’s Best SUVs and Pickup Trucks

When it comes to vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks, there is no doubt that Ford is and will always be one of the best. Ford’s excellent lineup of SUVs and pickup trucks offers customers the best possible power, storage, and capability options, particularly with their Ford F-150 and Ford SuperDuty models. Ford never fails to provide power, convenience, style, environmentally friendly features, and capability all in one vehicle when it comes to SUVs that are also family-friendly.

With Ford’s continuous development and innovation in technology, design, and engineering, it’s no surprise that Ford consistently outperforms other automakers. Ford’s century of experience in the industry only demonstrates that things age well if they are well-maintained.

Test drive a Ford Edge at any of Car Credit’s convenient Tampa Bay area locations.  Its lively engine options, excellent infotainment system, and ample passenger space, make it an excellent family vehicle. With Car Credit’s guaranteed credit and 2-year warranty, it could be the car you drive off our lot.

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