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Ingrid has been in the United States from Venezuela for 15 years, and has been with Car Credit for 5 years. She loves going to the beach, especially mentioning Sand Dollar Beach and Clearwater Beach here in Florida. She adores traveling and always seeks to change up her destination; her most recent adventure having been in Colombia. When she’s not at the beach or traveling, she is spending time with her family and son.

She loves animals, but lost her dog of 15 years 2 years ago and is not quite ready to get a new pet after the loss. Ingrid explains that she never imagined working for Car Credit for 5 years but that she truly feels like a team and believes in helping people improve their lives in finding the vehicles right for them and their families. She describes her favorite aspects of the job as helping people who cannot obtain the right vehicles or financing elsewhere and building a rapport and lasting relationships with customers. The biggest joy for Ingrid is seeing familiar faces for the chance to catch up or help someone else close to them.


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