Just What are We Driving?

Just What are We Driving?

Not every one of us is a stock broker or lawyer where money spent on the right look is as much an investment as an upscale office location. But the car that you drive is just as much a part of your image as the clothes that you wear. And at Car Credit we know you might just have to take a good long look at what you are driving around in. What sort of person does your car make you out to be?

Here are a couple categories that should give you thought for pause.

Youthful Folly

We all make mistakes when we’re young. Most of us aren’t still driving around in them. Did it sound like a really good idea to you at one point to try souping up your Nissan Ultima? How about putting a fin and racing stickers on a Volkswagon Jetta? Not everyone has enough foresight to focus their tuning efforts on a bland Honda Civic and keep it looking that way. And now you have something with neon colors and tinted windows. You might as well have a sign floating overhead reading, “Pull me over officer. I’ve heard of something called a speed limit, but I’m not entirely clear on the subject.”

Maybe it impressed your teenage buddies. Heck maybe it even impressed a girl or two in it’s heyday. But now you are a grown adult. You work a nine to five and are looking at raising a family down the road. As much as you may have loved that car you need to consider whether it actually fits in your life anymore. And hey, if it actually netted that girl, you might just be considering something with a couple more seats for the rest of the family.

The Beater

You know what I’m talking about. A jalopy or a lizzie to those almost old enough to remember the Great War. A hooptie for the hip-hop crowd, and a wreck or beater for the rest of us. This is a car with a sheet of plywood down on the floor to cover up the hole rusted in the bottom. The A/C doesn’t work, and if there isn’t a warning light on in the dashboard you are probably safe to assume the thing burnt out. The car has seen better days, and it shows.

Maybe vehicle was originally picked up in high school or college, when less than two thousand dollars for a set of wheels seemed like a steal, and the ability to make it from point A to point B (most of the time) was good enough. Your friends may or may not make fun of you for still driving that thing around. But who cares about your friends? We care about what your boss thinks. He isn’t looking to promote the guy who drives into the parking lot belching black exhaust and has to use sick days when their ride breaks down. And when it does you know you will be spending more money to fix it than it’s even worth.

The Gas Guzzler

It is all of 2014 at the moment. We live in an era of skyrocketing fuel prices and tightening pocketbooks. And it isn’t going to get any better. Gas is hovering around twice what we pay over in Europe, and the American public is voting with their feet. Market mainstays like Minivans and SUV’s are losing ground to smaller more efficient vehicles and full on Conversion Vans are all but extinct. Instead we live in a world of hybrids, economy cars, and cleaner more efficient burning models.

Are you driving around that old Buick you inherited from your dead uncle Sal? You know, the one that is more boat than car. Or maybe you have something that lets you ride high above the heads of your fellow commuters. But you have to wonder how much that vantage point is really worth to you when you are getting just Northward of ten miles to the gallon. In today’s economy can you really afford to keep throwing money away like that?

Everyone who drives a car has to come to terms with the fact that what they drive colors how the rest of the world sees them. Is your car at odds with the life you’re living? Car Credit carries a range of models that will help you upgrade your ride to match your current lifestyle or upgrade your life to match your new ride. See you at the lot.

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