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Keyvin is the sales manager at Car Credit Holiday, having worked there for 1.5 years and values the relaxed, personable atmosphere of the location and its community. Reflective of this, his favorite hobbies include kayaking and fishing with his friends and family. Recalling a trip to the Bahamas, he describes it as peaceful, serene, and filled with kind and welcoming people. He has a dog named Via, a chihuahua and corgi mix that he says is wild but adorable. His care for animals led him to work at a dog hotel in the past, which interestingly also catered to exotic pets like pigs and ferrets. He enjoys watching football with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and baseball with the Tampa Bay Rays, displaying his deep pride in the Tampa Bay area.

He began at Car Credit with an interest in sales and came to take pride in the opportunity he has there to help improve customers’ quality of living and bolster the community. He still remembers his first customer and first sale, and hopes to keep making valuable memories through the impacts he and the Car Credit team make in peoples’ lives.

Car Credit and its team have a unique understanding of the communities within which its dealerships are located, and they believe that cultivating a connection with these communities is the key to serving everyone who walks through its doors. Visit Keyvin and Car Credit Holiday to find the best vehicle and service catered to you!

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