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Martha has been with Car Credit for 3 years. Car Credit’s focus on community and relationship-building, though, has provided a sense of fulfillment for Martha . Coming from Colombia and having been in the United States for 23 years, Martha’s favorite hobby is reading. She enjoys books about improving self-esteem and overcoming difficult life obstacles.

Such topics make her particularly sensitive to individual experience, and she easily connects with Car Credit’s customers to help them find vehicles for them in ways other dealerships do not offer. She believes many people in her community think buying a car is more difficult than it is, and she has a passion for allaying these concerns. Martha’s caring nature has led her to volunteer in the past feeding the hungry and providing Christmas presents to children who might not otherwise receive them. Though Martha’s 2 children are adults, she currently has 1 pet turtle that she enjoys caring for. A fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, she often watches football in her free time.

Car Credit and its team have a unique understanding of the communities within which its dealerships are located, and they believe that cultivating a connection with these communities is the key to serving everyone who walks through its doors. Visit Martha and Car Credit East Tampa to find the best vehicle and service catered to you!


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