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Meliza recently began working with Car Credit as a salesperson. She came to Tampa, where she has family, from Cuba just 10 months ago. She enjoys spending time out with her friends and family, loves to dance, and see beautiful beaches. She specifically mentions Madeira Beach as a must-see in the Tampa area! Enjoying such beautiful sites, she often takes pictures for social media to record her experiences. One day, she hopes to add such locations like Miami, Colombia, New York City, and Las Vegas to her collection of pictures and memories! She lives with her husband and yearns for a dog like the pit bull she had back in Cuba. Racquetball and volleyball are some of her favorite activities, both of which she used to play with her friends in university. 

Meliza explains that her husband has shared his passion for cars with her as a mechanic, and that passion rubbed off on her and inspired her to seek out a job in vehicle sales. In Cuba, she also worked in sales in the hospitality industry and believes this is the perfect opportunity to utilize her own skills in a different work environment and learn more about cars and the auto industry. She is looking forward to all she can learn in her role as a salesperson with Car Credit, including interacting and building relationships with the customers coming through her location! 

Car Credit and its team have a unique understanding of the communities within which its dealerships are located, and they believe that cultivating a connection with these communities is the key to serving everyone who walks through its doors. Visit Meliza and Car Credit Northwest Tampa (Habana) to find the best vehicle and service catered to you!


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