Minivan or SUV? Which one is better for your family?

Is your family in need of a larger vehicle or do you constantly carry a ton of cargo? More than likely a minivan or SUV is in your future, but which one is the best choice? There are pros and cons to each in terms of price, style, features, and capabilities – all of which need to be carefully considered before you make the investment. Read more…

mini van or SUV?

Best Choice for Price: Minivans

When you compare highly ranked models feature for feature, you will see that minivans are less expensive than comparable SUVs. When you get into the higher-end market, there’s an even bigger price difference between the two.

Best Choice for Safety: Tie

Both minivans and SUVs offer important safety features, but the best are vehicles that have Top Safety Pick awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Also look for minivan and SUV models with advanced safety and driver assistance features such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane keeping assist.

Best Choice for Comfort: Minivans

Minivans easily win this category for the comfort they provide passengers in all three rows. Plus, the ease of access to the third row also gives vans an edge. Minivans are also better if the grandparents are in town because of the lower step-in height.

Best Choice for Cargo Space: Minivans

Even the largest of SUVs can’t compare to the large cargo capacity found in minivans. Plus, the low-load floors of minivans make for easier loading and unloading.

Best Choice for Performance & Handling: SUVs

Even though minivans are getting more powerful, they have a long history of trailing in this category. Most mainstream SUVs have produced around 475 horsepower compared to only 296 horsepower from the best performing minivans.

Best Choice for Fuel Economy: Tie

SUVs have come a long way in fuel efficiency and are now comparable to minivans. However, if you are looking at an older model SUV, this may not be the case. Newer models of both SUVs and minivans are seeing higher mileage numbers because of the increased use of lightweight materials, more efficient engines, and eight-to-ten speed automatic transmissions.

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