No Credit History? How Buying a Used Car from Car Credit Can Help

Did you know that buying a used car can have a positive impact on your credit score?! Why? An auto loan adds to your credit history, and assuming you pay on time, every time, it will have a positive impact on your credit score. Read more…

What type of account is an auto loan?

An auto loan is a considered an installment account, as is a mortgage loan or student loan. Each payment is the same amount and paid over a set number of payments. Having an installment loan is that is paid on time, every time will help your credit score, especially if you didn’t already have a mortgage or student loan payment.

How does the loan affect a credit report?

Your credit report keeps a constant record of your payment status. Therefore, when you pay your car loan on time, the loan will report as “current” or “paid as agreed”. Payment history has a huge influence on credit scores, so staying current on your auto loan will significantly improve your credit rating.

How can I get an auto loan if I have zero credit or poor credit?

No credit or bad credit? No problem! At Car Credit, we believe everyone deserves to own a car and will provide an auto loan to any client, GUARANTEED. Foreclosure, bankruptcy, or new to the country? Again, no problem! We are the bank, so there are no third parties involved and your information is always protected. We will work with you to get you a car loan regardless of your credit history on a vehicle that works for you.


Car Credit offers a “Buy Here, Pay Here” option – but we are not your typical “Buy Here, Pay Here” dealership.

At Car Credit, we’ve been in business for over 25 years and are proud to say that over 60 percent of our cars are sold to repeat customers and to our customers’ friends and family members. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service experience throughout the car-buying process, and our bilingual team members will help find the best car for you and your family. Choose from over 500 used vehicles in stock at between our four Tampa Bay locations. Call us today at 888-314-4469!

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