Our Most Budget Friendly Option for the Large Family

Is your household changing in size? If you aren’t prepared or if you just have a very limited budget, you might be having a hard time finding a reliable vehicle at the price you can afford. We often have great models that meet this need, offering budget friendly financing for quality used family vehicles. Right now we have this 2002 Volvo   that is perfect for the large family on a budget.

Why the 2002 Volvo V70? What is it?

Never heard of the V70? You’re not alone. Volvo isn’t a popular brand, and it hasn’t been for some time. But this is good news for you. Since few people are aware of the virtues of this model and Volvos themselves have poor resale value, you can get a lot more car for a much smaller price tag.

Built to seat several children comfortably

Even though this 2002 Volvo V70 is a station wagon style, it has the seating space of a family SUV hybrid. You can fit three children in the bench back seat, with two additional seats available in the rear. That means that in total you can seat seven when the need arises.

Cargo space when you need it

Out on your own doing the shopping for the household? Make things easy for yourself by creating more cargo space. The back bench seat and the rear seat both fold down into the floor to  present a completely smooth surface for you to store anything you need.

Come see this and other budget friendly family models

We have many similar models ideal for large families to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Contact us today to arrange a time to come see our inventory and let us know if you want to see this car in particular.

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