SUV or Van: Which Is Better For Your Family?

If you have a small business, more than two children, or even a fairly successful garage band, you’ve probably looked for a car with three rows of seats and plenty of cargo capacity. However, should it be an SUV or a minivan?

Car Credit has plenty of SUVs and vans to choose from, so you will have many options. Car Credit’s knowledgeable associates will help put you, your family, and your bandmates in the perfect vehicle!

Minivans are extremely functional, despite their reputation as dowdy cars used for soccer practice and excursions to the Home Depot for siding. SUVs are more stylish and powerful than vans but less fuel-efficient and passenger-friendly. Which kind of automobile is the most sense for you?


More individuals now favor SUVs over minivans than in previous years. SUVs offer smoother handling, a more comfortable ride, and a more fashionable and chic appearance. They also possess a special off-road aptitude.

The SUV might not have enough room if you have a large family. However, if you want to take your family off-road frequently, an SUV would be better for you.

Benefits of owning an SUV

SUVs have many benefits:

  • Better Seat View

An excellent perspective of the road and lots of legroom are major selling points for many SUV customers.

  • Bad weather partner

You need a car that won’t slide around in bad weather if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain or snow (or if you like taking road excursions to the mountains). Compared to minivans, SUVs have additional options for transmission systems, such as all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, which deliver power to both the front and rear wheels to increase traction.

  • Can go anywhere

However, SUVs can go practically any place, unlike minivans. It can take you practically everywhere if a diesel engine is mounted and a powertrain with a 4×2 or 4×4 configuration is available. Additionally, the increased ground clearance is really helpful. The bottom chassis will survive bumps and typical road hazards, even if you might not be flying over the surface.


A minivan is a van that is smaller than a standard van and has plenty of seating and space for cargo. Sliding doors are one of the most prominent features of minivans. Today, practically all minivans come equipped with sliding doors that you may open and close by pressing a button.

Because of the spacious interior, a minivan is popular. A minivan has low flooring, giving adult passengers a little more knee room and cargo space behind the third row.

Benefits of owning a Minivan

Wondering why a minivan is preferred? Let’s find it out:

  • Easy to use

Power windows and locks, cruise control, auto-dimming mirrors, door locks, keyless entry, and other equipment are frequently included as standard in minivans.

  • Easy to load supplies

Due to their high degree of modularity, minivans can accommodate almost as much cargo as an SUV. You wouldn’t have to hoist the items so high when loading a minivan because, depending on the model, the room should be sufficient to rival the cargo area of its taller competitor. Even if there isn’t a load lip like in a sedan’s trunk, loading your supplies easier for you is a plus.

  • Better ride comfort

Compared to its SUV sibling, a minivan provides a more comfortable ride. Because of its monocoque chassis, it rides more supplely and smoothly over jolts in the Metro. In terms of pampering their occupants, it puts ladder-frame SUVs to shame when combined with completely independent front and rear suspension.

Some SUVs and Minivans to check out at Car Credit

Minivans and SUVs like these popular models are available in Car Credit’s Inventory:

  • Toyota Sienna

Its features include easy-to-use technology, premium cabin materials, and the most cargo space in its class behind the third row of seats. Depending on how it is arranged, up to eight people can fit. Additionally, the Sienna is the only minivan with optional all-wheel drive.

  • Chrysler Pacifica Touring-L Plus

Among its most appealing features are a 360-degree Surround View camera, hands-free sliding doors, a liftgate, automatic parking, and adaptive cruise control. In some models, a built-in vacuum called Stow ‘n Vac makes it simple to clean up spilt cookie crumbs or other debris.

  • GMC Acadia SLT

If you’re looking for a used midsize SUV, the GMC Acadia is a good choice. The inside of the three-row Acadia is incredibly roomy and suitable for eight passengers or many goods. Additionally, it boasts a comfortable ride and outstanding crash safety ratings.

  • Ford Escape SE

In the field of compact SUVs, the Ford Escape is an excellent option. Large passenger and load capacity, precision driving, and quick handling are all features of this crossover. High-quality materials and a well-designed interior characterize the cabin.

  • Hyundai Kona

Despite its complex sheet metal, the Kona’s bold, uncluttered style is good for drivers and passengers. The cabin has just the right amount of space and functionality to bring the whole thing together without feeling excessive.

So, Which Is better?

Choosing a vehicle is an important and complicated decision. The average person owns a car for about 6 years. Car Credit believes that your car usage and personal preferences are the only factors that matter. We pride ourselves in getting our customers into the perfect car – or van – or SUV.

An SUV is the best option if you frequently drive in harsh weather conditions like snow, hail, or cold. An SUV can typically handle this while providing the capacity to tow if you also prefer going on camping trips and meandering gravel roads.

A minivan, however, would be better if your typical day involves taking your children and their friends home. A minivan is more likely to meet your needs if you want a practical vehicle with lots of room to accommodate your children and large objects, and you don’t care too much about how the vehicle looks.

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