The Most Reliable Starter Vehicles for Your Teen

You want your teen’s first vehicle to be reliable, cheap to insure, and easy for them to make the payments with their job. It can be hard to find such a combination, but your best bet are these starter vehicles commonly listed at around $5,000. Of course, the cheapest cars to insure are sedans.

Chrysler 200 Touring

This wasn’t a well known Chrysler model, but it makes a great starter car for that reason. If your teen wrecks the vehicle or wears it out really fast, it won’t be hard to replace. The Touring is a decent, mid-sized sedan with few frills, but enough features to make it comfortable for any teen.

Chevrolet Sonic

Some kids feel more comfortable behind the wheel of something a lot smaller than the average sedan. Coupes can be more expensive to insure, so you might consider something like the Chevrolet Sonic. It looks like a small sedan, but has the smaller size and maneuverability of a coupe.

Nissan Versa

If you want your teen to be able to run errands for you or transport siblings, you might want to consider getting them a boring sedan with ample comfortable seating. This no-frills sedan is one of our cheapest offerings and is also inexpensive to insure and maintain.


Has your teen saved up their money and become ready for their first car purchase? We are ready to work with all drivers, even those without established credit. Come in today, and we’ll help your teen get into a car with our flexible car credit options.

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