Things To Keep In Mind When Deciding On a Used Truck

Things To Keep In Mind When Deciding On a Used Truck

Pickup trucks have been immortalized in our culture in a variety of ways from a symbol of hard work to a way to score points with the ladies. As Joe Diffie put it in his country hit, “there’s just something women like about a pickup man.” But don’t be fooled by the romanticism of trucks, their true purpose is utility and helping you get the job done. Regardless of your gender, navigating the choices of used trucks can be a bumpy road when it comes to considering all your options. To help, we’ve broken down things to keep in mind when deciding on a used truck.

Money Matters:

Set your budget. Before you begin your used truck search in the Tampa area, make sure to set a realistic budget for yourself based on your needs.

Come Prepared:

Take your time and research. That means starting with how you plan on using your truck. Will you use it to haul heavy loads during the week and your family on the weekend? Knowing what you plan on hauling will help you narrow your choices between two and four wheel drive. With an idea of what you’re going to tow, calculate the weight of the load (and the trailer if you think you will use one). This will give you a better idea of the towing capacity needed. Do you need a light-duty, medium-duty or heavy duty capacity? These categories are identified by numbers such as 1500, 2500 and 3500 or 150, 250 and 350. Also, think about the size of the truck bed you will need and how much space in the cab.

Take it for a Spin:

Beep Beep! Taking a test drive is a great opportunity for getting a feel for how the truck handles and any driving quirks it may have (these could be red flags for larger issues). This is the ideal time to run your own thorough inspection. Make sure you test drive in the day time for full visibility of the truck. Slowly walk around it, examining underneath the truck and all sides. Open and close all the doors and tailgate. Play with the windows and interior features. Pop the hood for a view of the engine (just make sure not to touch hot engine components). Let the truck idle for a few minutes on a clean road or parking space. Then move the truck and check for leaks. Don’t feel rushed while inspecting, any reliable used truck seller will allow you plenty of time to inspect.

Purchase from a reliable source:

There are a lot of people trying to sell their own trucks as well as dealers that may be trying to sell you a pickup that has not past an extensive inspection. Always purchase a pre-owned truck from a reliable source. Car Credit trucks are certified pre-owned, meaning they have passed a rigorous inspection inside and out. Check out our incredible Google reviews to read some of the wonderful things our happy truck customers had to say about their experience with us.

The Car Credit team is ready to help you select a reliable, clean, master inspected and affordable certified pre-owned pickup truck. Check out our inventory online or come see us in person at one of our four convenient locations around the Tampa Bay area.

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