Used Car Vs. New: Advantages of Buying Used

Most people wish that they had the funds to afford a brand new car, but the reality is that few people have that option. You aren’t going to be able to walk onto a car lot and buy a new car outright, and getting a brand new car loan takes some of the best credit you can get. Alternatively, you can look at buying a newer used vehicle. Here are some advantages of buying a used car.

Cost and Credit

Of course, the biggest reason to buy a used car is that it costs  much less than a new one, and you are more likely to be able to get a bad credit car loan if you buy used rather than new. Buying a reliable used car can be just as beneficial as buying a new car, and you will pay a lot less.


Everyone wants to make sure that their vehicle is reliable. You don’t want to have to worry about breaking down on the side of the road. But if you get certified used vehicles, you don’t have to worry about reliability. In fact, often you can purchase an extended warranty or limited maintenance agreement to cover major mechanical issues in case a problem should arise. These extended warranties are usually very affordable and can be rolled into your car loan.

More Selection

If you go to a new car dealership, you’re only going to be looking at vehicles of a particular make and models. But when you go to a used car dealership, you have access to many different makes and models so that you can determine the best option for you and your family.

If you are in the market for a used car, contact us today for more information or come in to see our large car inventory.

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