What SUV Makers Are the Safest?

Whether you want to protect your whole family or just your most recently licensed driver, you can’t go wrong with an SUV. The biggest attraction of an SUV for a family is the sheer size of it because it offers a ton of seating without sacrificing cargo space, but this large size is also part of what makes SUVs so much safer for teens. Your teen driver is much less likely to be injured in an accident if their vehicle is large enough to plow aside newer small sedans.

But not all SUVs are necessarily the safest option for your family. Some SUV manufacturers do a much better job of including safety features than others. Any SUVs made in the last 10 years or so have safety features to prevent roll-over accidents or to prevent serious injury during such accidents, but there are other safety features, such as automatic traction control, that are traditionally only available on sedans. Only some SUV manufacturers can keep on par with those standards.

The safest used SUV is always going to be the Toyota models. Toyota has been a pioneer in the industry, including new safety features in their SUVs every year. They were the first to offer traction control in an SUV model, but Toyotas are hard to find because they are so reliable people drive them until they are just too worn to keep repairing.

Other really safe SUV makers include luxury vehicles such as Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW, with Audi currently having the safest new SUV in 2020. While we offer a few of these on our lot, there is one manufacturer that we see the most reliable and safest SUVs, day in and day out.

GMC offers a few different SUVs, including some hybrid models. We frequently have a lot of these on our lot. GMC doesn’t just make safe SUVs; they make vehicles that are reliable, durable, and stand up to the test of time. They are also affordable; and with routine care and maintenance, they will last for years.

If you are interested in a new-to-you SUV for your family or new driver, browse our inventory or come in for a test drive today.

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