Why Buying Used Commercial Vehicles Helps You Start a Business Sooner

At Car Credit we understand that as a business owner, you look for every opportunity to save more hard-earned money while making decisions that will benefit your company. It can be challenging to determine which decisions will help your company grow and which will cost you more in the long run.

When planning a vehicle purchase, doing some research can help remove doubt and make you feel more confident that you are doing the right thing for your business.


The Benefits of Buying Used


  • Better Pre-Owned Inventory Options and Deals

A reputable dealership like Car Credit stocks a wide variety of established brands on one lot. You have many options, variations, and price points, all in one place. This allows you to choose the best deals, offers, and add-on benefits on used commercial vehicles. Finally, you can be satisfied with your decision.

  • Reduce expenses

By purchasing a used business vehicle, you are guaranteed savings. Sometimes, a vehicle only a few years old is priced significantly lower than a new model. You can get a great price without sacrificing the amenities of a more recent model.

  • Flexible Buying and Selling Options in Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicles

When it comes to new vehicles, dealerships often has no choice but to follow the brand’s mandate. Not so with pre-owned vehicles, where the dealer has complete control over what they can offer you. This is a much more flexible arrangement, with numerous purchasing options.

  • Depreciation is reduced

Saving money on the purchase price isn’t the only financial benefit of purchasing a used commercial vehicle. One of the most significant advantages of a used vehicle is less depreciation. Surprisingly, your older model retains more of its value longer.

According to experts, cars can lose up to 19% of their value in the first year and an additional 46% in the first three years. Unfortunately, that decrease in value will not be recovered when you sell or trade it in, so you will absorb the loss when you are ready to upgrade to a newer vehicle.


The Best Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicles at Car Credit

  • 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

The Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD is an ideal choice if you need a simple yet capable work truck. While it lacks the frills and gadgetry of some competitors, it has the rugged grit to handle tough jobs with ease. Some buyers will appreciate the truck’s more straightforward design, making it a must-drive for anyone looking for a heavy-duty pickup.

The Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD is a heavy-duty truck for people who require a powerful work pickup. In 2001, Chevrolet began production of the modern Silverado 2500HD. The current fourth generation began with the 2015 model.

  • 2017 Ford Transit Van

If you own a business and frequently need to transport large amounts of equipment or product, a full-size cargo van’s versatility and capability are difficult to match. In terms of cargo vans, the 2017 Ford Transit Van is an easy choice. The Transit comes in two wheelbase lengths, three body lengths, and three roof heights.

If you go all out, the most effective combination will give you a massive cargo area with 487.3 cubic feet of storage. This far outnumbers the Chevrolet Express Cargo’s more modest capacity of 284.4 cubic feet and comes in just ahead of the Ram ProMaster’s 463 cubic feet.

  • 2019 Kia Sedona L

The Sedona handles all of the standard minivan duties admirably. A powerful V6 engine, spacious cabin accommodations, and exceptional seat comfort make it easy to transport seven or eight passengers. Furthermore, the Sedona has a chiseled exterior, a dashboard, and a center console with SUV-like design cues. If you don’t usually like minivans, Kia’s approach with the Sedona could be very appealing.

The Sedona does fall short in cargo capacity and versatility, but most owners will find it more than adequate. The seats in the second row are not removable.


Shop Car Credit First

There is no denying that critics of used commercial vehicles will go to any length to dissuade  you from purchasing one. At Car Credit, we can steer you to the vehicle that meets your business’s needs without breaking the bank. By providing fair pricing, easy credit approvals, and a 2-year warranty, Car Credit can assist new businesses and start-ups in realizing their goals.

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